8 Seeds to Grow in July: A Beginner's Guide

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 You can sow the following seeds in July, depending on your climate and growing conditions:

Tomatoes: Tomatoes thrive in hot temperatures and are a popular summer garden plant. Cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, and heritage tomatoes are among the many types available.

Cucumbers: Cucumbers grow quickly and can be started from seed in July. They need a lot of sunlight and water. Consider using English cucumbers or pickled cucumbers.

Green beans and bush beans are excellent choices for July planting. They germinate quickly and yield a large harvest. Look for Kentucky Wonder or Blue Lake variety.

Zucchini: A prolific summer squash that thrives in warm temperatures. It's simple to grow from seed and yields a lot of fruit. Choose from a variety of courgette kinds, including Black Beauty and Costata Romanesco.

Peppers, such as bell peppers and chilli peppers, can be planted in July. To thrive, they require warm temperatures and full sun. Bell peppers, jalapeos, and cayenne peppers are popular choices.

Basil is a herb that thrives during the warm months. It is adaptable and may be utilised in a variety of gourmet preparations. For their different flavours, plant sweet basil or Thai basil.

Sunflowers are bright, towering flowers that can be grown from seed in July. They enhance the appearance of the landscape and attract pollinators. Look for tiny sunflowers as well as the traditional large sunflowers.

Radishes are root vegetables that grow quickly and can be sown in July. They mature quickly, letting you to get the benefits of an early crop. Radishes are available in a variety of shapes and colours, such as spherical red radishes and long white daikon radishes.

Remember to check the specific planting requirements for your region and make any necessary adjustments. Consider your local environment and growing conditions as well to ensure the success of your seeds.

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