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Remitly as the best money transfer service provider (9.1/10) and give it their highest recommendation.

 Remitly, which serves more than three million consumers worldwide, is regarded as trustworthy and very credible (8.9/10), and customers give it a high rating (9.8/10).

 Although it receives high marks across the board, Remitly stands out for its fees and exchange rates (9.8/10), giving customers the most affordable transfer alternatives in more than 50% for bank transfers and more than 75% of searches for cash transfers. 

This is absolutely unmatched!

What Experts Likes About Remitly 2023?

Fantastic option for cash pickups;

There are numerous locations available all over the world;

numerous pay-in and pay-out options are available.

What Experts Dislikes About Remitly 2023?

The margin for the exchange rate contains 35% of the fees.

A small number of origin nations that are unable to send to one another.

Outdated web page.

Customers who wish to send money securely from the USA or Canada or pick up cash in Mexico or India may do so by using Remitly, which routinely delivers some of the best rates in the market.

Remitly is therefore our top selection for secure and dependable international money transfers, particularly cash pick-up.

Review of the Remitly mobile app iN 2023

The mobile app for Remitly has received high user ratings on both Google's Play Store (4.8/5 on 182 thousand ratings) and Apple's App Store (4.9/5 on 463 thousand ratings). It's simple to send money from your smartphone with Remitly's mobile apps in only a few taps.

Check out some of the unique and practical features of the 2022 Remitly App:

direct transfer to banks in Mexico, the Philippines, India, and over a hundred other countries;

Send money to more than 50 mobile money providers; recipients can pick up cash at no charge;

convenient app design;

Customer service that is attentive and few complains.



Remittance Transfer Charges IN 2023

It should be noted that costs do differ greatly based on where you transmit from, where you send to, how much you send, which service you select, and a number of other considerations.

These elements consist of:

The amount of money you are transferring, the recipient address, and the method of financing your transfer are all important factors.
the currency in which the transfer is being received by the beneficiary;
the transfer company you select.
Here are some examples of the costs associated with transferring money to the Philippines from the US:

Remitly's Economy Service:

You deposit money into a bank account to cover the cost, and the money is delivered in three business days. Remitly doesn't charge anything for this service.
Express Service at Remitly Paid with Debit Card: The cash

select the country> amount> details> send any time.

Exchange rates for remitly

The exchange rates offered by Remitly are reasonable and often between 0.5% and 2% less expensive than mid-market rates. To view the exchange rates you will be charged, based on where you are sending to, create an account with Remitly and log in. Take a look at the mid-market exchange rates for different currencies in comparison to those provided by Remitly, for instance.

  • transferring US dollars to Honduran Lempira
  • 1 USD equals 24.75 HDL at mid-market exchange rates.
  • Exchange rate for remittances: 1 USD = 24.64 HDL
  • The interbank rate is 0.5% better than Remitly's rate.
  • If you're sending $1,000 USD, this would require an additional $5 payment in addition to the $10.99 to $15.99 Remitly cost.
  • Bolivia receiving British pounds from the UK.

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