How ADIDAS became the most recognisable pairs of shoes in history is the Stan Smith.

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I imagine that most of you are familiar with Stan Smiths and may even own a pair. Given that practically anything may be worn with this shoe, it is hardly unexpected. However, it wasn't intended to be a lifestyle shoe, and it wasn't even first known as Stan Smith—who, by the way, is a real person, not simply a shoe model.

Unexpected beginnings of legendary sneaker

Horst Dassler, the son of Adidas' founder, was in charge of creating the first-ever leather tennis shoe. Although the initial samples were released in 1963, it wasn't until 1965 that it received formal endorsement. Adidas originally intended for this shoe to be known as the "Adidas Robert Haillet," in honour of French tennis player Robert Haillet. Haillet represented this best-selling model for 8 years.Adidas had to find a new sponsor after his tennis retirement. Thus, they negotiated a contract with Stan Smith in 1973. By the way, this agreement is among the top 50 sneaker sponsorship deals in sports history. However, Adidas was hesitant to change the name of the shoe, thus up until 1978, you could still purchase "Adidas" Robert.

What makes Adidas unique Smith, Stan?

Tennis shoes were traditionally constructed of canvas before Stan Smith, thus the idea of using just leather was very debatable. Actually, leather offered better support, reducing the risk of injury. Even so, if you were playing tennis today, you probably wouldn't choose this shoe, but at the time, it seemed comfortable.

This shoe's minimalist design is the reason it hasn't gone out of style even after 50 years. Adidas' emblem is depicted as perforated stripes on a leather upper. If you're wondering why they didn't just go with a regular branding design, it's because stripes on the shoes were previously prohibited by tennis rules for some reason. It is supported by an awful rubber sole.

The Stan Smith image on the tongue was added in 1974, although the green foam cushioning wasn't part of the original design until it was added in 1967. Speaking of Smith's depiction, although being how many people envision him, it doesn't have his distinctive moustache.Initially, Landersheim in northeastern France served as the location for manufacture. However, the entire manufacturing process was outsourced in the 1980s due to rising demand and lower manufacturing costs in Asia.

Ups and downs

Stan Smith's lost its hegemony as the go-to tennis performance shoe as sportswear technology advanced in the 1980s. However, as lifestyle sneakers, they survived and prospered. When sales surpassed 23 million units in 1995, they were among the most popular shoes in history.It was inevitable that Adidas would create a new version of their best-selling model. Adidas' Stan Smith 2 at the dawn of the twenty-first century was the ideal time for that.

The most noticeable modification was a thicker tongue without a Stan Smith image. In its place, a "Adidas Stan Smith" leather patch was present. The model name was absent from the green heel cushioning, which just had a trefoil emblem.

In 2008, the 'Stan Smith 80's' became widely available. It was merely a copy of the original model with some retro additions, such as yellowing on the outsole and the laces, which gave them a worn-in appearance. Despite this, there was a decline in demand for this model, and stores frequently had them on sale.

Why are Stan Smith shoes so well-liked right now?

An iconic scene that put Stan Smiths back in the public eye originated from an unanticipated source. At the conclusion of the F/W collection in 2011, Phoebe Philo, then the creative director of Celine, entered the stage donning a pair of Stan Smiths. High fashion nerds enthralled by her appearance rushed the shops to purchase a pair for themselves. Adidas should once again concentrate on Stan Smiths, and what they accomplished shocked everyone.

Adidas made the decision to halt manufacture of this model for two years rather than capitalise on the shoe's success. The concept was straightforward: consumers will desire something more if they can't immediately get it.

They were accurate, too. Everyone became enamoured with sneakers when they were finally produced in 2014, though. Adidas customised them for famous people like Pharell Williams, who wore them everywhere, to increase hype even more. The year 2015 saw a surge in this model's cooperation. most notably with Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons, or Pharell Williams. There are currently several hues of this shoe available, even ones with boost cushioning. The original edition, however, is ahead of the game, protecting itself with a timeless look and a nostalgic appeal.

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